vForum Singapore Experience

Every year, VMware holds a large-scale get together event with partners and customers. This event is held across the world and for some people who are new to VMware, this event is called vFORUM.

This event is not just a typical IT conference- this event bridges both VMware and Industry experts together to share their expertise in IT. Not just that, attendees can attend tons of breakout sessions to learn about the newest and latest technologies, build their skills with certification classes and hands-on-lab or even take this event as a great time to catch up and interact with colleagues or new friends.

vFORUM is truly a unique event.

This year, vFORUM 2019 in Singapore took place in Raffles Convention Centre. What’s special this year is that we had our CEO- Pat Gelsinger doing the Keynote.

I had the privilege to take on several responsibilities this year. I was involved in:

  1. Odyssey
  2. vForum Solution Showcase
  3. Hybrid Cloud Keynote


Odyssey is a gamification version of VMware’s Hands-On-Lab. Participants are able to form teams and compete with one another by completing short tasks in the labs. This is a great way for people to challenge their knowledge and expertise across the VMware portfolio.

More about this here: http://odyssey.vmware.com/

I was part of the organising committee along with some other colleagues to help organise and execute this event. It was truly a fun experience for me.

vForum Solution Showcase


This year, we had a new segment called the Solution Showcase. This is basically a great way to showcase to partners and executives from different industries our solution offerings.

The Solution Showcase is a 15 minutes demo walkthrough where we brought participants through a fictional yet relatable journey of building an application.

In this 15 minutes period, we showed participants how they could Build, Run, Manage, Secure and Connect an application that they are developing from scratch. On top of that, we also showed how we could ensure that this production running app could provide a great user experience for its end users.

The feedback for this segment was great. It was a fresh concept because the demonstration was pretty interactive (we had different personas and was roleplaying the scenes).

Speaker for Hybrid Cloud Keynote


I also had the opportunity to do the Keynote for the Hybrid Cloud Track in vFORUM. This year, I co-presented with a colleague of mine, James, where we shared about how HCI is the foundation for everyone to future-proof their infrastructure.

This was honestly one of the main highlights for me since my career, because before this, I never had the chance to speak in front of a large crowd. I presented the newest VMware Cloud Foundation capabilities and also showed a couple of interesting demos that revolved around vSAN’s Cloud-Native Storage capabilities as well as its self-healing feature.

The feedback for this session was great. We had about 200 people who were interested in finding out how to adopt HCI in their environment and how do they leverage on that to future-proof their existing investments. Plus as a bonus- everyone in the room had dibs on the upcoming features of vSAN. How exciting!


Just to wrap things up… this year’s vFORUM 2019 is nothing short of AWESOME for me. The experience that I gained through the various responsibilities were extremely valuable and irreplaceable.

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