More about me

Who am I?

I’m currently an Associate Systems Engineer at VMware, Singapore.

I graduated from university awhile ago, but like what most people would say, most of the things we learnt in school are not so applicable in real life (cue calculus??!). Although I was majoring in Information Systems, I have zero infrastructure knowledge and have never used VMware solutions during my academic years.

Therefore, I am a true blue newbie in the industry.

Why blog? What can you expect from it?

One of the reasons why I started this blog is because I feel that this platform will be a great way for me to document my progress and learnings easily as I spiral deeper into the technology. At the same time, I hope that the content I share on this site will be of use to some people out there, regardless of backgrounds.

In other words, whether or not you are new to VMware technologies or you are a seasoned techie…. what I hope is that my experiences would be relatable to you in certain ways.

A little background story

I was hired as a New College Graduate at VMware with 18 other people about a year and a half ago. We were fortunate enough to go through a structured programme specially curated for us called the VMware Sales Academy Programme. The programme’s main goal was to help us assimilate into VMware in the shortest possible time by equipping us with basic IT knowledge and soft skills.

The programme was especially useful for newbies like us because it gave us a great insight into what VMware does at its core and all the surrounding technologies that drives the entire business.

We learnt a ton of things- from networking and storage basics, to end-user computing, cloud services, IT automation and operations…. etc, it really felt like school all over again.

When the programme ended, we were separated and put into our actual functions. This is when I had the chance to select an area of focus where I could spend the next few months learning and ramping up all the necessary knowledge that I require in order for me to be ready as a Pre-Sales. The technology that I chose to focus on was vSAN.

It was also during this period where I had the opportunity to be mentored by some of the more experienced seniors who have done the role for many years. It is truly such an enriching experience and I’m so thankful to have mentors who are selfless and willing to provide me with ample opportunities to grow.

I’ll be sharing a lot more about my learnings thus far. Stay tuned!

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